What is a professional Stretching Session?

Our 20-minute stretching sessions are the perfect addition to your exercise routine. We use a combination of active (in-motion) and passive (sedentary) stretching, myofascial compression, and controlled stabilization movements to improve your flexibility and range of motion. If you experience difficulty with movement, we will customize stretches and myofascial compression techniques to meet your specific needs. 

What are the benefits?

At Powell Chiropractic Health Center, we define mobility as the ability to move freely without pain. Stretching regularly can help alleviate muscle and joint aches and pains by increasing blood flow. We recommend stretching regularly to experience all the benefits it has to offer.

Stretching can also help reduce the risk of injury during physical activity. By loosening up the muscles and increasing blood flow to the tissues, stretching can help prepare your body for exercise and prevent strains or sprains. With increase circulation, you can also see improvements with digestion, fewer tension headaches, and reduced anxiety or stress.

If paired with chiropractic adjustments, stretching can improve your posture and balance as well, reducing the risk of falls or accidents. Stretching the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and back can keep your spine in better alignment. Try our stretching sessions to improve your mobility and overall well-being.

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