Vitamin Injections

What Are Vitamin Injections?

We offer injectables of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3. These injections are quick, virtually painless intramuscular shots that offer maximum absorption benefits. Oral vitamin supplements have to be processed through the digestive system and you can lose some bioavailability of the vitamin itself. An injection will bypass this and be immediately entered into the bloodstream. With vitamin injections, individuals can potentially experience more energy, better sleep patterns, improved cognitive performance, and improved quality of life.

The needles themselves have less sensation than that of a flu shot and the appointment takes less than 10 minutes. This is an easy and safe way to ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients your body needs to function.

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a crucial nutrient responsible for more than 100 important bodily functions. It plays a vital role in producing digestive enzymes and transporting essential nutrients to and from your cells. For those who have a B12 deficiency, these shots containing a high dosage of the vitamin are administered directly into the muscle tissue. 

Some major benefits could include:

  • Reducing depression or cognitive decline
  • Lowering general fatigue
  • Improving metabolism
  • Protecting the heart
  • Improving low sperm count
  • Helping with fetal development during pregnancy
  • Helping prevent or treat Diabetic Neuropathy 

What Are the Benefits of Vitamin D3?

It is a critical nutrient that your body relies on for a range of functions. Some of the most important functions include supporting your immune system and bone strength. These shots include a high dosage of Vitamin D3 and are administered intramuscularly for maximum absorption in the bloodstream.

Some major benefits could include:

  • Improving bone strength
  • Supporting a healthy heart by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Increasing immune system responsiveness
  • Elevating mood
  • Supporting cognitive health
  • Supporting weight loss

*Lab work/blood work results are highly recommended before getting a Vitamin D3 injection. Consult with out Acupuncture Physician for free before scheduling an appointment.

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