The Core Four



Extensive scientific research has shown that the system which controls, harmonizes, and coordinates all function and healing inside your body is the human nerve system. This system is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and accompanying nerves that reach from the spine to every organ and muscle. It is the conduit for every instruction and response that travels to and from each and every organ and tissue in your body. Interference prohibiting this vital communication will cause a decrease in healing and function.

Our bodies experience traumas throughout our life, some great, and some small.  These traumas can cause a disruption or interference to our delicate nerve system.  Sometimes this causes pain and symptoms but many times it simply decreases the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself.

Our primary concern is to remove this interference by way of specific, scientific adjustments.  Dr. Powell accomplishes this mostly by hand, restoring the normal alignment of the spine so the body can function as it was designed.


Proper nutrition is vitally important in achieving the goals and quality of life you desire.  Quality nutrients regulate your digestive, skeletal and muscular systems.

Our approach at Powell Chiropractic Health Center is one that is focused on proactive prevention.  It’s not about dieting or counting calories. It’s about living the life you want. Our nutrition program provides you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make the best choices when it comes to food and what the body needs to build health. This strategy complements the function of the body, reduces aging, and builds quality of life.  Proper nutrition will change the way you feel and look and is the cornerstone of a healthy functional body.

It is true, you are what you eat.  Let us help you make your food choices easier as you start your journey towards true health.


Your body was designed to move.  Every cell in our body requires oxygen to function and survive.  Elevating your fitness level feeds these necessities. Aside from the mental and superficial benefits, regular exercise and proper fitness has been scientifically shown to slow the onset of Alzheimer's’ memory loss, lower blood pressure, reverse diabetes and decrease inflammation at the cellular level.

At Powell Chiropractic Health Center we’ll show you the most effective way to work out, reduce body fat, and build lean muscle.  Our program is designed to turn on fat burning hormones and help your body eliminate unwanted toxins in the body. The days of spending hours at the gym, pounding it out on the treadmill, are over.  We’ll show you how in just 12 minutes, 3 times per week, you can burn fat and turn on the necessary hormones to lose weight.

Excited yet?  Come and see how easy it is.


Through a balanced approach of function, food, and fitness, the team at Powell Chiropractic Health Center equips our clients with the tools and resources needed to achieve a healthy future.

Our goal is to make YOU the best doctor for yourself.  This starts with understanding how the body works and heals naturally.  Implementing these four principles have allowed our clients to be successful in their careers, personal lives, and goals.

Health is THE greatest asset!

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